How to Make Money From Your Phone in 2020


Making money has never been easier. As technology keeps on improving, more apps are being created. More apps equal more time spent on your phone.

Keep in mind, these are in no way going to make you rich. They can make you a little extra spending cash. You are going to be on your phone passing time by during this “lockdown”. Why not get paid to do so.

So let’s dive in!

Investment Apps

These have come a long way. They can automatically invest in your portfolio. You can get free investment trades. You can also set up automatic savings accounts. Once you set them up, you will have a system that can take care of your future. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Acorns App
    • This is the easiest way to save up money. The way it works is it rounds the change up of every purchase to the nearest dollar. If you made a purchase of $4.32, it would invest $0.68 into your account. This doesn’t seem like a lot. It adds up if you use your debit card to make purchases. They also partner with companies for extra cashback purchases.
  • Robinhood
    • If you ever wanted to invest in stocks, this is a great way to do so. You can invest at $1. You have lots of things to choose from. Stocks, Cryptocurrency, and ETFs are all available. Not having to pay any commission fees is a bonus as well.
  • Betterment
    • This app is awesome. It is an investment and savings account all in one. How it works is you set a goal, you deposit a monthly amount, and you forget it. Betterment creates a personal investment plan for you. They charge .25% annually. After a year you’ll see how much money you start to accrue.

Delivery Services

With everyone on quarantine, this is a gold mine right now. You can deliver food using UberEats and Grubhub. This is easy. All you do is pick up and order at a restaurant and deliver it to the person who ordered the food. 

The other major money maker here is Instacart. With no one really wanting to leave their houses, there is money to make grocery shopping. They request items from the store. You go and buy the items at the grocery store and deliver them. 

You can make $15-20 dollars an hour on average. You also get tipped on top of both of these options. It can be lucrative if you aren’t afraid to get out of your house.


This is not a huge moneymaker at the moment. Once the restaurants, bars, and city attractions open back up, you’ll be able to make a living. There are two main services to work for. Here they are:

  • Uber
    • You need to own a 4 door vehicle that is 10 years or less in age. You have to be 23 or older and have had a license for 10 years. Once they approve your license, registration, and insurance you will be good to go. They take 25% of the money you earn.
  • Lyft
    • The difference between Lyft and Uber, is Lyft allows you a rental car for $250 a month. They take 20-25% of your fares. The upside is you are able to keep all your tips. They do offer extra insurance on drivers, cars, and vehicles. Not only this, but you can also take cash out immediately.

Selling Your Stuff

This is a quick way to get some cash. If you aren’t using something you can sell it for some cash. From gift cards to old TV’s in your garage, everything has a value. Here are my top 3.

  • Poshmark
    •  All you have to do is sign up for an account. Then take a picture and set a price. You can also get with your friends and list things together. They provide the boxes and shipping. For items under $15, they charge $2.95 anything over they charge 20%.
  • Letgo
    • This app is the Goodwill of arbitrage. It is like Craigslist, it just looks prettier and is more modern. You can negotiate prices with people who are interested. But, there is no payment through the app. You’ll have to use PayPal or Venmo.
  • Decluttr
    • This is a good one. It’s for small items like DVD’s, books, old electronics, and phones. This is a cool one because you can actually scan the bar codes. The app assigns a value to the item you want to sell. Once you gather everything and scan in what you want to sell them, they send you a box. You mail the items and get paid.

Sell Photos

Everyone is enjoying the outdoors. Everyone is always taking pictures of some sort. These photos can be sold.

There is an app called FOAPWhen someone is building a website or making an ad, they can’t use any photo. You have to buy the rights to use a photo. There are copyright legalities. These are stock photos. Stock Photos are photos that people buy the rights to use.

So all you do here is upload a photo that you have taken on this app. Most of the photos sell for $10 dollars. FOAP keeps 50% of each sale. If you have a hot photo, you can keep making money off of it.

You are also able to post photos to the “missions” area. This area is for large businesses looking for specific photos. They pay a lot more, but it is like a competition. 

Customer Service

Many companies hire people to answer customer service calls from their homes. I’d advise getting an alternate phone for this. It could drive you crazy with your personal phone having a million calls. This could offer more of a steady stream of income, but it is more of a full-time job.

Examples of these companies are airlines, Upwork, and even U Haul. These are good jobs if you are a people person. I am not going to lie, this does take time and patience. People could be calling out of frustration.

Language Tutor

If you have time and like to teach this is a pretty solid gig. There is an app called NiceTalk. All you do is sign up and register, Once approved you’ll be able to get to work. All you need is some video chat software like skype.

You will pair up with a random student trying to learn English. You will be having conversations with different people. You will help them with their grammar and words. The pay is about $10 an hour. They base it by the minute. They do pay through PayPal. It’s a good side gig to make some extra cash. All you have to do is talk.

So there you go. These are my top ways to earn money from your phone. They are all pretty simple and easy to use. All you need is time and put in a little effort. I hope this helps. ‘Till next time!