How to Make $1500 a Month as a Podcast Virtual Assistant


I am pretty sure everyone has heard of a podcast by now. If you haven’t, it is a digital broadcast on any subject. Think of it as a talk show per se, but it’s on the internet and not done on a stage in front of a large audience.

There are almost 900,000 podcasts out there. So that means there are plenty of jobs available. Someone is always looking for something that saves them time. Remember, time is money!

Let’s get started!

Why Do They Need Help?

Like any other job, workplaces have different positions. Everyone has a specialty. It just depends on what you are good at or what your specialization is in. Have any skills in Media Creation, Internet Marketing, or even basic Data Entry? Then there is a job for you out there! 

They outsource for many reasons. They may not have time. Remember time is money. They may not know how to do a task. It takes less time to hire someone than to take the time to learn a skill. Finally, they may not have the desire or care to do a task.

Types of Gigs

Here is a list of jobs that these companies may need.

  • Audio Editing
    • This is a large one. It is time-consuming and also has a little bit of a learning curve. Like any movie, podcasts are almost never perfect. So there needs to be some cleaning up of the file. This is taking out the mistakes, long pauses, off-script talk, and “um’s. You can learn how to do this through learning from youtube channels. It took me a bit, but I am pretty solid. There are a bunch of programs out there. I recommend Audacity because it’s free. These jobs pay around $50-125 per episode.
  • Project Management
    • It’s the same type of project manager at any workplace. Your job is to make sure various tasks are done. You will be managing team members. You will make sure the production is on time. You will also oversee the Social Media and other Marketing teams are on schedule. If you have ever been a general manager, this could be for you. These jobs pay around $30-$75 an hour. Not too shabby, right?
  • Guest Management
    • Are you a people person? This job is for you. This role is vital in this industry. Is the podcast going to have a guest? This is where you step in. Your job will be to contact all guests. You will make sure they have everything they need for the interview. You will also do a follow-up with them after. You are representing your client here! If you have any experience in the customer service industry then this is for you. These jobs pay around $20-$40 an hour.
  • Marketing
    • This skill is vital to a company’s success. Your job is to get this podcast in front of as many faces as possible. This involves using social media as the main platform. Facebook’s advertising system is not difficult to learn either. If you know the basics of internet marketing, you can have success. You will be responsible for the daily emails to people who have asked to be on the list. These jobs average $50-$70 an hour.

  • Content Repurposing
    • In most cases, you should have enough content after 6 months to a year. People forget about something around the 3 month period as well. Your job is to reuse this content in different ways. Think of using sound clips for ads on Facebook. Or using old recorded footage for making a commercial or preview. This is for creative minds. So if you have a background in Social Media Marketing it would help. These gigs pay around $25$-40 an hour.

So there you go! The top 5 jobs that podcasters need! You may just need to do a little bit of extra learning. All in all these are jobs most people can do! ‘Till next time!