Become a JustAnswer Expert


Do you have friends that come to you and ask for your expertise? This could be from cooking to car repairs. You being a good friend, you help them out. What if you could get paid for your help? That’s what JustAnswer is for. Want to learn how? Let’s get started!

What is JustAnswer? is a question and answer website. You ask a question and you pay a certain amount to get the answer. It was created by Andy Kurtzig. Before its existence, Andy’s wife was pregnant at the time. He had a ton of questions, yet there was nobody to answer them. Due to his frustration, he decided to make this website. This allows people to get their questions answered by experts in their spare time. With close to 12,000 experts, you will be able to get your answers quickly.  JustAnswer contracts experts from all places. Doctors, Lawyers, Home-Improvement Gurus, Mechanics, and Veterinarians are some examples.

How does it work?

It’s simple. You post a question, pay a fee, and then you will be matched with an expert. You will then be able to communicate with them through talk, text, voice chat. You will also be able to send the expert documents and photos to aid in your help.

You then give them a rating. If you get your question answered, that’s great. It’s what you paid for. If it doesn’t get answered or feel unsatisfied, you can ask for a refund.

As an expert, it’s as easy. You log in, find the questions you were paid with. Answer the question. Then you get paid. As I said, it’s that simple.

Why work for JustAnswer?

Think of working for JustAnswer like driving for Uber. You can work as much or as little as you want. You are also helping people by sharing your knowledge with people. You are getting paid to do so also. It may not be enough to make a full-time income, but it could be a good side gig.

How much can you make?

It honestly depends on the value of the answer. The fee can be anywhere between $5-90. There are some members that pay a monthly fee. Either way, you will be able to see what the user is paying before you accept the gig. After you answer the question and are reviewed, you will receive a commission from the fee. If you are new you will get 20%. The higher your rating you can get up to 50%. They pay via PayPal. You can take out the money immediately as long as you have $20 in your account.

How do I become a JustAnswer expert?

Think of signing up like a job interview. You will need to send in a resume. JustAnswer uses a verification system to prove that you are an expert in your field. They use an 8 step process. You will need to have an up to date resume, licenses, credentials, your ID, Social Security Number, and a recent photo.

After you give them all that info, you will tell them what you are an expert in. The three main categories are general, finance, and medical. There are a ton of sub-niches that are categorized within these. You will pick 2. Once, you have filled out all the proper info you will then e-sign the verification form. This will send your info to a third party system to be verified. Once you are proven, you can get to work and start earning money.

There you go. The hardest part of getting started is the verification process. Hop on it and you can be working in no time. ‘Till next time!