15 Things You Can Sell to Make Money


As you know, “The Coronavirus Pandemic” has shut down the world. You may have your job still, or you may not be an Essential Employee and are being laid off. Almost everyone has had a pay cut in some way.

This is applicable even when we are not going through a pandemic. What if there is a stock market crash, recession, or you lose your job in general? What would you do if you needed money?

Could you use an extra couple hundred dollars? What about a couple of thousand? How? Easy, just sell some junk. Remember, one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Take 30 minutes and look around your house. Look for things that collect dust and you don’t use. See a spare tv that you never use that’s sitting in your garage?

Now go to eBay and look up some of those items you saw in your house. It’s a surprise to see what people are willing to pay for stuff you think is junk. There are other ways of going about doing this besides your own house.

Online sales can be where it’s at. So let’s break it down to the basics of where you can get these items. I don’t do this, but my mother has had decent success at this.

The first option is going through your house. I am sure you may have outdated electronics in your garage. Maybe you have toys from your kids that are grown up. Old kitchen supplies are a big seller.

The second option here is to go on craigslist. Sometimes people are giving away things that may be “broke”. It could be a simple fix, if you are handy and can do basic fix-it type work. It could be something people want to give away because they upgraded and want someone to haul it away. Either way these freebies have value.

The third option costs a little bit of money. Garage sales are the cheapest method. People are pretty much getting paid to have their garages and houses cleaned. They charge pennies on the dollar due to that fact.

So once you gather some good pieces, you can start the arbitrage process. What is arbitrage? It’s buying things at a super cheap price, and then flipping it at a higher price. A good example of this is thinking about when you are trying to find a toy around Christmas. The only place you can find it is on Amazon or eBay, at an inflated price. 

As you can see, this isn’t a quick way to get money. It takes time and effort. The bonus is that it is not difficult, it just takes time. So let’s get started on objects people might be looking for and could end up putting money in your pocket.

TV and Movie Memorabilia 

Think about when you were a kid and you saw a movie or a tv show you loved. I am sure you might have had a lunchbox or action figures for that show. Those items actually hold value. 

So try and grab any items that are memorabilia. Examples of these are T-shirts, lunch boxes, comic books, first edition soundtracks, first edition VHS’s, and even original DVD’s. These items can get you a pretty penny on eBay.

Sports Cards

People love sports. People who love sports have favorite athletes. I mean think about when you hear about a Babe Ruth baseball card. They sell for half a million dollars.

The best way to flip cards is either find ones at garage sales. Most of the time people sell all these in bulk for ultra-cheap. Or find cards of players that are going to explode in the next few years. Rookie cards are the ones that always have the most value and they will get you a huge return on your investment.


People will always buy clothing. Think about all the clothes you have and don’t wear them. Put them on eBay. A good way to flip clothes is by going to a thrift store. Find sports jerseys, printed concert tee-shirts, and high-end apparel. 

People will always pay a good amount for these items. If the tags are still on these items, they will have more value. Sometimes you can get more for them than they charge at a store.


Flipping shoes is a huge market right now. Nike and Yeezy’s will get you a lot of money. They are always making limited edition shoes. 

The way to do this is to find a shoe that is coming out. Try and preorder about 10 pairs of them. Resell for $100 or more dollars on the Stock-X app.

Yard Equipment

This is kind of a specific niche. The idea here is you have a little bit of mechanical knowledge. So what do you do?

Well you find someone who is selling or giving away some broken or old equipment. Fix it up. Then resell it. Pretty simple.


This is a pretty easy and inexpensive one. Someone is always giving furniture away for free. It’s easier to have someone take it than to hire someone to haul it off as trash. Get the best conditioned free furniture on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. 

I recommend you own a truck and have a friend. The only charge here is the labor needed to move the item. Then sell it. Nothing, but profit here.

Video Games

There is a huge market for this at the moment. I know a bunch of people who go to Goodwill and yard sales. They search for old consoles for ultra-cheap and sell them for way more money.

There are tons of people that are collecting these and making massive game rooms. Today everything is a digital download. There are people that actually prefer to have physical copies.

So you can get some good money off selling these on eBay. Some of these games are actually worth a lot of money.

Bicycles and Strollers

You can get these at garage sales for cheap. Believe it or not these items are more valuable than most think. People are always looking for these items for their kids. Strollers can be pretty profitable


Most of us think of toys being for kids. The cool thing about this is they actually are worth money. Like anything collectible, once they stop production their value increases. Most action figures still hold value out of the box.

The best way to do this is to go to garage sales. You are looking for toys still in the box. These are treasures and are hard to find. The only way these happen is parents forgetting to give presents to their kids or they are lost in crawl spaces. These hold a lot of value, so if you find one, don’t pass it up.


This is a broad category. These are things you are more likely to find at a yard sale. It could be bobble-heads, rare coins, model trains, stamps, and even pokemon cards. People neglect these things and their value. But there is a huge market for these.

Old Electronics

Do you know that old box tv that weighs 100 lbs in your garage? There is a market for those. The only way to play some old video games is on those TVs. Old stereo equipment and things, such as a walkman or turntables, have a high value. The only way you can play records or cassettes is on those.

Cuff Links

I know it’s kind of a random niche. People love and collect these including me. They are like watches. When I dress up I like to accessorize and they add a little flair to a basic colored shirt. You can buy a bunch for cheap at yard sales. You can jack up the price on these pretty well, and make some good money.


There are a bunch of avid readers and book collectors. If you find old books, grab them. There is a market for these. You will never know, this old book can have value. If you can find a set of books, they could have value for certain collectors as well. Especially if it is a first edition print.

Gift Cards

There is a market for this for sure. Have you ever received a gift card from a family member? Maybe it was for a place or product you don’t care for. You stick it in a drawer and never use it. Well there are websites you can go to where you can actually sell these for cash.  It’s quick cash if you have some laying around.

Fitness Equipment

This is the number one seller at the moment. Social distancing and gyms closing, people are buying this stuff left and right. Everyone is going stir crazy and buying it all up. So if you have equipment in your garage collecting dust, put it on Craigslist. You can get decent money from this also.

Well there you go. There are 15 things that you can sell that can make you some extra cash. I hope you enjoyed and learned something. Till next time!